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Supplying your own artwork

We can accept your own files via email, CD-ROM, Floppy Disc, FTP, USB Device or download them from your own servers.

All designs should be saved as a Hi-Res (Press Quality) PDF file to a minimum of X-1a:2001 standard (see www.adobe.com for details)

We are able to accept other file formats such as MS-Word or MS-Publisher however you should be aware that designs made in MS-Word or MS-Publisher are very difficult to accurately print from due to font and colour variation problems. (See CMYK & RGB Below) We do not accept any responsibilty for any errors caused by these programs.

If you are designing your own artwork you should consider the following:-

The term bleed is used to describe printing a colour right to the edge of the paper.

To achieve this effect we must print the image bigger than required onto large sheets of paper then trim the edges to the desired size, which gives you the bleed effect. Bleed should be set at 3mm.

It is equally important to keep things such as text at least 3mm (preferably 5mm+) inside the cut line or you risk it being cut off or undesirably close to the edge.

DPI:- (Dots per inch) All full colour printing is made up of millions of dots, the more dots per inch the better the quality. Usually print is run at 300dpi or 600dpi. Website images are usually 72dpi so you can't really copy images from a web page and expect good quality print.

Some images are of course designed to be retrieved from websites they will normally pop-up in their own page and fil your screen - very large images should be ok to print from. Remeber just because it prints on your home printer doesn't mean it will print on a professional grade press. If unsure about your images please check with our design team.


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